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New Products
firesys family consist of 3 types (2, 4 and 6 zones) with identical operation and indications. all of the panels have 2 independent siren outputs, alarm relay, programmable output for telephone operators and a relay per zone . the required battery for the panels is the type -986 (12v/7ah). all functions and indications are according to european norms 54-2, en 54-4.

New Products
The New "EURO ALARM" series is a sophisticated security alarm system accompanied with a variety of peripherals.
The new siren BS412/SL in silver colour finish, signals the new market tendency for the silver colour.



(Egyptian Establishment for Trade & Electrical Supplies)

was established in 1976
is actively involved in the sales and distribution services of electrical parts and components,
cabels as well as engineering plastics resins.

For keeping its place with the rapid growth of society and economy, E.E.T. expands its
business and establishes 3 subsidiary companies for providing a diverse range of
services and products to our customers.

E.E.T.'s ability to serve the customers and become a reliable business
partner with every supplier and customer are adherent to our Entrepreneur principle of “To Serve All Parties with Honesty, Sincerity and Mighty". E.E.T.

strives for high quality in the areas of products and materials; customer services and our
choice of suppliers and personnel. The materials distributed to the customers are under
the strict selection for well-known manufacturers whose materials undergone strict
quality control and conform to the international standard. Internally, we employ high
caliber people in every area of the Company to fulfill their high potential, together with our
own warehouses and transportation teams, the Company can always provide comprehensive,
reliable and efficient pre-sales and after-sales services to our customers.

The strong commitment and principle, as the basic of E.E.T.'s success, underpin every aspect of E.E.T.'s life - from
sourcing quality products to providing services to customers, allowing us to meet the demand of the customer and
industry as a whole.


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